Brand Story

Brand Story

Most middle-aged people would agree that, after attending ten year college reunion, the most important is staying healthy, beautiful and confident.  We always worry how others look us up and down while walking to the classmate gathering.  For those whose looks change a lot (hair loss, wrinkles, increased body weight or in poor health), it’s very embarrassing to react to astonished classmates.

Our health and looks have been ruthlessly damaged by many factors.  First is the improper diet and lifestyle habits established since we were young and busy with works.  Other factors include the physiological and psychological stress, environmental pollution, contaminated eating environment, and the never-ending food safety problems.

Dr. Edward Howell, also known as Father of Enzymes, published “Food Enzyme for Health and Longevity” in 1985 after studying enzymes for years.  In this book he mentioned that, every living organism was born with a finite amount of enzymes, and when these enzymes were used up, the organism would die.   It clearly indicates the importance of enzymes to human.

The key missions for our brand “DA JIN ENZYME” are: Promoting the health by eating vegetables and fruits from nature; Using fresh and clean vegetables for fermentation; No harmful additives; and, Do to others as you would have them do to you (from Confucian Analects).

Through extensive research and development, DA JIN ENZYME presents the “Drinkable Cosmetics and Supplement for Body”.  With improved health, it helps making women pretty and men attractive.  Let us Return to Innocence, Live for LOHAS.