Product Description

Botanical Fermented Enzyme Liquid.

DA JIN ® Enzyme

Beauty & Healty , Botanical Fermented Enzyme Liquid

Product Description

This product is the basal of the botanical enzyme liquid ,and complex fermented by a lot of vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc.

This product is produced by a non-chemical techniques of fermented technique , and uses more than 100 kinds of fresh plant ,then ferments under environmental control and more than six months of extraction time. DA JIN Enzyme let you daily beauty and health care.


* Botanical fermented enzyme liquid (Including fruits, vegetables, seeds, mushrooms, flowers, seaweed plants, herbal category, with sugar, brown sugar, Isomalto oligosaccharides, maltose, probiotics, etc.. The liquid be done by the way of the integrated fermentation process.

Raw materials

* Fruits(Fleshy&Berry):

Papaya,Green Papaya,Pineapple,Water Melon,Cantaloupe,Melon,Mandarin Orange Greengage-Ume,Plum,Round Kumquat,Lemon,Red Grape,White Grape,Peach,Persimmon,Dates Jujube,Sand Pear,Sweet Orange,Grape Fruit,Mango,Apple,Banana,Pitaya(Red), Avocado,Passion Fruit,Litchi,Longan,Fig,Olive,Loquat,Guava,Wax Apple,Strawberry,Mulberry,Carambola,Kiwi Fruit,Pomegranate,Taiwan Tomato,Tomato,Sugarcane,Coconut,Heng Shan Pear,Red Currants.

* Vegetables(Leafy&Root):

Chinese Kale,Chinese Peking Cabbage,Cabbage,Spinach,Water Convoevueus,Lettuce,Celery,Chinese White Cabbage, Spoon Cabbage,Ganges Amaranth, Garland Chrysanthemum, Rape- Leaf,Sweet Potato Leaf,Coriander, Cabbage Mustard,Ceylon Spinach,Cauliflower,Sprouting Broccoli,Chayote,Pumpkin,Bottle Gourd,Loofah,Wax Gourd,Bitter Gourd,Cucumber,Mini Cucumber,Kohlrabi,Radish,Carrot,Beetroot,Sweet Peppers,Green Bell Pepper,Lady's Finger,Eggplant,White Asparagus,Green Asparagus,Ginger,Great Burdock,Taro,Potato,Sweet Potato,Yam bean,Water chestnut,Zea mays.

*Seedings(Sprout) :

Small Red-Bean Sprouts,Mung Bean Sprouts,Soybean Sprouts,Black Beans Sprouts,Pea Shoot,Black Gingili,Rice Seedlings,Peanut Sprouts,Wheatgrass Sprouts,Barley Grass Sprouts.

* Mushroom,Flower&Algae :

Shiitake Mushroom,Agaricus,Cultivated Mushroom,King Oyster Mushroom,Enokitake,Oyster Mushroom,Dried Mushroom,Pleurotus Citrinopileatus,Monkey Head Mushroom,White Mushroom,Jew's Ear,Tremella,Abalone mushroom,Easter Lily ,Rosa,Epiphyllum, Lotus Flower,Seaweed,Kelp,Laver Porphyra,Wakame.


Angelica,Ginseng,Ganoderma,Chinese Yam,Lotus Root,Chinese red jujube,Zizyphi Sativae,Roselle,Licorice ,Lotus Seed,Chinese Wolfberry,Chinese Mahogany,Fennel,Dokudami,Plantain,Basil,Hot Pepper, Perilla,Taiwan Anoectochilus,Tomorrow's Leaf,Pine Leaves,Lotus Leaves,Mulberry Leaves,Loquat Fruit,Guava Leaves, Bamboo Leaf,Persimmon Leaves,Mint Leaves.

*Other :

Blown Sugar,Sugar,I.M.O.,Maltose,Probiotics (Lactobacillus Plantarum,Yeast,Aspergillus Oryzae,Acetic Acid Bacteria etc.).

Object of user

Young and old (Pregnant women can drink), men or women, who want to build up their strength and skin care, who do not like vegetables and partial eclipse, who want to adjust the constitution, who want to help gastrointestinal digestion, are suitable for drinking.

Suggested use:

* Daily health:25 ml per day for adults,12.5 ml per day for children( cup inside ).

Strengthen health:2 - 3 time per day for adults.

* Before drinking sway uniform. Enzyme liquid can be directly drank , or add cold water ,or warm water 3-5 times (subject to below 40 ℃) and diluted drinking.

*People who is first time drinking or physical ailments ,or want to get the strengthen health should continue to drink three bottles of enzyme liquid.

*Enzyme liquid can be mixed with vegetable juice, milk, milk, wine, can be added to bread, cake, or to be taste the cuisine, the enzyme liquid with glycol aroma and can help digestion.

*This product contains mango, peanuts. Not suitable for allergies to eat.

Storage Condition

Store in cool and dry place (40 ℃ or less).Do not exposure. Try to keep upright and avoid violent shaking, please clean and tighten the bottle lit after opening, and without refrigeration


This product does not use meat , vegans available

This product does not contain artificial colors, chemical fragrances, preservatives or chemical additives

This product is made by fermentation, due to different seasonal climate chosen plant material is different, so the flavor, consistency, color and other values will be slightly different, but it will not affect the results when used.

This product is a fermented food, when the bottle stand for a long time there will appears a few precipitate, this is a unique natural fermentation, please sway even before drinking.

Diabetes is also drinkable, but should to drink a small amount. (Specific disease patients required a doctor's assessment before drinking).